I have placed the sensor in the soil but can't see any data on the IoTUI

There can be a number of reasons why you cannot see any data on the IoTUI after you have placed the sensor in the soil. We will go through each of them in this article. 

1. Activation

Please check if you have activated the sensors. If you have done so, you will find the information on the IotUI under the tab "Sensors". Simply enter the device ID in the respective field. When the sensor shows up with the "Activate" button on the right, it means that your sensor was not yet activated. If a "Deactivate" button shows up, it means that your sensor was activated already and this is not the reason why you cannot see any data.

2. Sensor Type

In many countries around the world, there is not yet a native LoRaWAN coverage. This means that the sensor cannot send live data to be displayed on the IoTUI. In this case, the sensor will log the data for you and transmit it once it reaches an area with LoRaWAN coverage. Usually this happens when the sensor is returned to the Valenco HQ. We will read out the data for you so that you can access it via the IoTUI. 

If you want to learn about LoRaWAN, please read our short introductory article on the technology we use. -> LoRaWAN: The Basics

3. Make sure you are looking in the right place

It could be that you are simply looking in the wrong lace. To make sure that's not the case, try entering the device, the field trial or the protocol ID in the search bar in the upper left corner as indicated in the picture below. By trying these different search scenarios we can make sure beforehand that we find the sensor. 


If you cannot find your sensor under your field trial ID, it can be that the sensor is not associated with it. Please navigate to the settings -> trial information and search for the sensor ID there. Now you can change the field trial ID.

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