Setup Guide Outdoor Gateway Installation


Please keep in mind that the Mobile Outdoor Gateway is a sensitive device. Follow the instructions closely to make sure everything is in place.

Scope of Delivery

1: LoRaWAN antenna + mounting parts

2: GPS antenna 

3: LTE antenna

4: Power cable (and potential adapter if needed for you country)

5: Converter

6: Gateway

7: Gateway mounting parts and screws

8: Grounding

9: Elongation of LoRaWAN cable

10: Carton box

11: PoE LAN cable

Intent of Document

The following manual describes the setup of a gateway. Please follow the instructions closely and contact Valenco GmbH if further information is needed.

Step 1 - Preparations

If a gateway needs to be installed to use your sensors, there are multiple things that have to be clarified upfront. The gateway will be shipped in a state so that it only needs to be assembled and plugged in to work. However, where exactly the gateway is placed and what materials are required for mounting is defined by the location the customer intends to position the gateway. We can help to identify potential locations for mounting. The additional material required for assembly are usually purchased by the customer. In the following, both the assembly of the gateway and the requirements for the use of a gateway and the mounting will be described.

Step 2 - General Requirement for the Assembly





Internet Access

The gateway comes with a SIM card that will connect over the local mobile network. Mobile coverage is therefore needed for smooth operation of the gateway.


Power Supply

For power supply, the regular plugs in the respective country can be used. The provided power cable (4) should fit your plugs, or an adapter should be provided.


Gateway placement

The gateway should be placed as high as possible to maximize its range, while the lowest minimum of 16 feet (ca. 5 m) is mandatory (the more exposed the better). In the optimal case, the sensors are in visual line-of-sight of the gateway.


Sensor placement (for live data visualization)

The sensor has to be placed in the gateway range, if you want to obtain live data. The provided range of the gateway is about 4.5 miles (ca. 7 km). If sensors are placed outside the gateway range, they do not automatically upload the data, yet store it until they are taken back to a place covered by the gateway.



It is important to discuss the intended gateway placement with Valenco prior to the installation. This will enable Valenco and the person locally in charge to perform the necessary preparatory tasks.


Material needs

Dependent on the available infrastructure, tripods, poles, and other things might be needed to mount the gateway. The customer is responsible for the purchase of these goods.

Step 3 - Gateway Assembly

The gateway we are providing is a plug-and-play device. Once it is received, the following few steps need to be performed:

1. Everything is taken out of the parcel and is checked for completeness (Scope of Delivery). If anything is missing, please let Valenco know asap.

2. Plug in the power cable (4) into the converter (5) as shown in the image below and the other end into a socket. Leave the PoE LAN cable (11) as it is plugged in into the converter (4) in the DATA & POWER OUT plug. 

3. Attach the three antennas (Lora (1), GPS (2) and LTE (3)) as indicated in the image below. It is easiest to use the PoE LAN cable as a reference to attach the other antenna. If needed, the cable elongation for the Lora antenna (9) can be used. Please make sure they are attached at the right place. To control the following antenna need to be connected: 

  • GPS (2) -> ANT1

  • LTE (3) -> ANT2

  • LoRaWAN (1) -> ANT3

4. As indicated in this image, the mounting can then be attached to the gateway if necessary at your location. 

Step 4 - Lightning Rod

To ensure safety of your gateway in case of lightning, the lightning rod (yellow wire on the picture) needs to be attached to any kind of metal piece. One end is already attached to the gateway with a screw. Please use the other one to attach to something near the gateway.

Step 5 - Functionality Test

Install the gateway in the discussed location and deploy the sensors according to the installation guise you received. Once these steps are performed, you can see the data of your trial on your dashboard solution. If that does not apply, contact our support. If everything works, you can start with your usage – enjoy the product and get the best out of it.

Additional Files

For informational purposes, we have attached the gateway data sheet and the antenna data sheet below. 

Contact & Help

For help with the setup, or other technical issues, please visit our self-service center with answers to the most common questions. Of course you can always get help from us directly by sending a mail to

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