What is a proforma invoice and how can I create one?

If you need or want to return the sensors to us, a proforma invoice is needed for customs purposes (unless you are shipping from Switzerland). 

The proforma invoice is a simple invoice that includes

  • Your company's information
  • The recipient (please see this article to know who you should ship the sensors to) 
  • Date, VAT number and contact person at your company
  • Product description (see information below)
  • Customs tariff number
  • Indication "For research purpose only - no commercial value"

Product information to include on the proforma invoice

Lora Soil Sensor: Used to measure temperature and moisture in agricultural outdoor applications. They will be used as probes in the soil to determine the indicated parameters. The material they are made of is polyethylene and aluminium.

Weight of a sensor: 0.17 kg

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