How Do I Order Sensors?

As Syngenta is a large organization, there are some differences in the way sensors are ordered based on the trial disciplin. Please make sure to use the right one, based on your trial disciplin. 


Seedcare Europe ordering

If your trial is under management of the Melanie Goll of the seedcare division, please follow this guide. 

A) All trials in Spain

For all trials in Spain, the request for Sensors must be placed with Juan Miguel Cantus. The distribution of sensors happens from three different hubs and is therefore coordinated within Spain itself. If there are not enough sensors available within Spain, please proceed to B) to order your sensors.

B) All other countries

You can order your sensors via Frost. As we are not the owners of frost, please reach out to Lukas Burgdorfer with any questions regarding this particular order flow.

Other Syngenta divisions ordering

You can order your sensors directly with us via the below order link. Once we receive your order, we will reach out to you to confirm the order and, if necessary, to clear any questions about the billing on your or our side.

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