Can I see weather data from my area in addition to soil moisture?

Yes, you can! Upon request from Syngenta headquarters, we implemented an external weather service to display precipitation data based on the GPS location of the sensor at the time of the activation. The service requested is called MeteoBlue.

Where do I find the weather data?

The precipitation is displayed in the humidity tab on the IoTUI at the bottom in the form of little spikes in solid green. You can turn this data on and off by clicking on the indicated element next to your sensors on that page. 

How to interpret this data in conjunction with soil moisture?

Most likely, when precipitation is displayed for a given date, you will see the soil moisture rising in accordance. It is expected to see a delayed reaction, as the soil moisture at the depth of the sensor might rise a few hours after the rain has fallen. 

Please note that the external weather data can differ from the soil moisture. Sometimes the next weather stations is a few kilometers/miles away and therefore an approximation for the location of the sensor might be made that is not accurate. Furthermore, if there is artificial watering or stressing of the plants in place, this might impact the correlation as well.
We strongly advise you to use the external weather data only as an additional source of confirmation for certain weather conditions.

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